Few places to visit in Asia

Setting out time to go on vacation once in a while never really hurt anyone, as a matter of fact, it will bode you well. If you are a potential tourist looking for a pocket-friendly destination without compromising standards while getting maximum satisfaction for your money, then Asia may well be your preferred continent. The reason for this is the fact that it is the best place to get maximum value for your money; Destinations in Asia are quite hot at the present moment due to the fact that inherent cost of flying around the world has become a lot less expensive. Asia also offers travellers one of the best collections of cuisines as well as cultural diversity like never seen anywhere else. This article will attempt to show you a few of those destinations with a view to helping your choice.

1. Xi’ a China
If you are the type of person that has great value for history then this may well be your best choice due to the fact that it is quite ancient and properly preserved. Perhaps the greatest site in the city will be the Terra-Cotta Army. There is also a Museum that helps serve as a guide to the guests as regards the history of the unique site which was excavated back in 1974 to unearth them after about 2000 years. You could also spend your afternoons by taking a trip to the city walls which are about 40 feet tall and are reputed to be among the most preserved sites in Asia as a whole.

If you are a food lover like me, then you may want to consider the culinary diversity that is on offer in this beautiful city. You can take a stroll to Huimin Street which is the Moslem quarter of the ancient town. At this location, you can experiment with the traditional Chinese Dishes coupled with the diversity of flavours that are obtainable in the Middle Eastern part of the world. One thing that is quite amazing is the fact that you can actually get meals for as low as $2

2. Hoi An, Vietnam
This world heritage site has its origin traceable to a 15th-century Fishing port, this unique location of the town offers tourists feature such as its white beach as well as a couple of historical sites. Among the numerous historical sites that can be found in the city is the awesome Japanese covered bridge that was erected as far back as the 16th century. A walk across the bridge comes without a cost even though you may be required to part with a little amount to access the museum at the other side. Also, the city offers you adventure in the form of a tour in the traditional wooden boat, you also do not need to worry about where to lay your head as there is the availability of hotels that should give you the best price and comfort.

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia
This is one location that offers you unique sites in the form of lush jungle settings. Upon arriving this awesome destination, you may want to start off by visiting the unique Angkor National Museum which places particular emphasis on Khmer civilization. You should take out a few hours to visit the Temple of Angkor Wat, which is perhaps the biggest of all the sites on offer.